Monday, September 19, 2005

3d Max 8

I went to the 3DMax 8 Demo last Thursday and it was great.  The demo artist showed a combination of new features and some of the lesser known cool things that 3dmax can do and it was awesome.  Pelt mapping is very impressive, and should speed up the uv mapping process considerably.  The second demo artist there was from the orphanage (that’s the effects studio that worked on “That Yellow Bastard” for Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City), they had been working with a beta of Max 8, and he said that it cut the uv mapping time in half.  You can create the seems for the different maping regions right on the model in the max viewport and then have the mapper unwrap it for you.  No more pulling them apart yourself for hours to get it right.  It seems very cool, I can’t wait to try ti myself.  There are other upgrades of course to the way character studio bipeds work to make them more effective and usable for instance and well as better access to real world measurement units for those doing visualization.      

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